The Friendship neighborhood offers the diversity, beauty, accessibility, and community that exemplify the best of urban living; in the heart of Pittsburgh’s East End.

Friendship is a IQoption vibrant, diverse neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s East End, located within a few miles of Downtown Pittsburgh, universities, world-class medical facilities, and thriving residential and commercial neighborhoods such as Shadyside, East Liberty, and Bloomfield. Friendship’s eclectic mix of Victorian, Edwardian, and Arts and Crafts houses and new loft spaces are home to professionals, artists, families and students.

Along with beautiful homes, Friendship features excellent access by public transportation and walking to other areas of the city. It has a community park, Baum Grove, and a state-of-the-art IQoptions playground at Pittsburgh Montessori, the neighborhood’s public school. Neighborhood events include a spring Folk and Flower Festival at Baum Grove and a fall house tour.

Friendship is home to several artists and craftspeople who live and work along the neighborhood’s main street, Penn Avenue. Here, you can find state of the art dance and glass making facilities as well as smaller art galleries and architecture and design firms.

Two neighborhood organizations, the Friendship Development Associates and the Friendship Preservation Group work to promote the Friendship neighborhood and through programs like the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative and Elm Street, make Friendship a great place to IQ optionslive and visit.

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